Our Mission

The mission of the Seneca County Prosecuting Attorney is to seek justice for victims of crime, pursue punishment and rehabilitation of persons who violate our criminal laws, and advocate for the protection of families and safer communities for all citizens of Seneca County.  The Prosecuting Attorney also provides essential legal advice and counsel to public officials in county and township government concerning matters connected with their official duties.

Further, the Prosecuting Attorney endeavors to improve public understanding of our criminal justice system, thereby strengthening the rule of law through information and education. When permitted by law and ethics, the Prosecuting Attorney, assistant prosecutors, prosecutor staff, and victim advocates will communicate with the public about various cases and issues in criminal justice, including the impact of crime in our local communities.  This web site has been created to inform citizens about the duties of the Seneca County Prosecuting Attorney, increase awareness about crime and victims rights, and to educate people about our local criminal justice system.

We work for the people

Seneca County, located in Northwest Ohio, has a land area which totals 550 square miles, a population of more than 58,000 citizens, and the City of Tiffin as its county seat.  There are fifteen townships, two cities, and six villages within the county.  Established as an Ohio county in 1824 and named for the Seneca Native American Tribe, agriculture historically has provided a major source of income to the people who live and work in Seneca County.  The two major cities, Tiffin and Fostoria, have numerous commercial and industrial businesses which employ residents from Seneca County and the surrounding area.

The Prosecuting Attorney and assistant prosecutors assigned to felony and juvenile cases represent The People of the State of Ohio in three different trial courtrooms which constitute the Seneca County Common Pleas Court for the prosecution of all adult felony crimes and juveniles charged with both felony and misdemeanor delinquent acts committed in Seneca County.

Ten different local law enforcement agencies investigate and submit felony and juvenile criminal cases to the Seneca County Prosecuting Attorney for review and filing at Juvenile Court or presentment for charges through the Grand Jury.  Felony crimes are serious criminal offenses under Ohio law, meaning the penalty for a person convicted of committing a felony offense may result in prison time.  Adult misdemeanor crimes committed in the county, however, are handled through separate municipal prosecutor offices at Tiffin Municipal Court and at Fostoria Municipal Court, which are not affiliated with the county prosecutor’s office and the offenses involve lesser criminal penalties of local jail time and financial sanctions.    

The Civil Litigation division of the Seneca County Prosecutor’s Office provides legal representation to all Seneca County and all township officeholders and nearly all county agencies along with filing lawsuits to abate health nuisances on properties and to collect delinquent property taxes.  As statutory legal advisor, the Seneca County Prosecuting Attorney represents eleven county elected officials, eighteen different county boards, commissions, or agencies; fifteen boards of township trustees and their fiscal officers; seven township zoning commissions, boards of zoning appeals, and their zoning inspectors; nine county school boards; seven public libraries; two joint fire districts; one joint ambulance district; along with several other public entities.  Occasionally, additional legal counsel or a legal advisor in lieu of the prosecuting attorney, may be employed to represent the Board of County Commissioners, other county officials, a township entity, or other statutory clients as provided under Ohio law and rules of legal ethics as noted in the "Office Duties" page of this website. 


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